Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wings Over Uganda & A Friend Comes to Visit.

We had a fabulous time in Karamoja preaching in a prison and a few schools, witnessing many salvation's and deliverance's at the crusade, and of course getting our pictures taken with the indigenous cattle people!

One of the highlights was one of the nights at the crusade Jon Dunagan (an evangelist from Oregon) demonstrated reconciliation and humility when he washed the feet of Drake Kanaabo the Ugandan Evangelist before the whole crowd. Not only that, he had two pastors from warring tribes (these tribes are the ones who fight and kill each other for cattle and have been for many years) wash each others feet demonstrating how the love of Christ can bring even enemies together. It was powerful, as these men began to weep as they humbled themselves, demonstrating the unifying love of Christ!

To get to and from Karamoja we flew with MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship), which was a wonderful 1 hour flight as opposed to a 13 hour drive! On the flight back the pilot let Brent co-pilot and Brent flew us to Kampala apart from the landing part of it. I think Brent was thrilled to get to brush up on his skills! Way to go Brent! We were humbled though by a group of Ugandans who came 21 hours by truck, standing most of the way to help with the crusade. These were some of the most passionate dedicated believers we've met.

A few days later we were privileged to receive our friend Seth Brown from the U.S who will be staying with us for 3 months. He's been here two days now getting over the jet lag and culture shock, but off and running and ready to step into what God has for him here.

Thanks for all your love and prayers, keep checking in often for more updates!!
Our latest video is also online, so go to our website and check it out!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mice, Geckos and other assorted creeping things!

What a week it's been! We had a wonderful relaxing time out on Kalangala Island for 4 days to celebrate our birthdays and to take some time to pray and evaluate the last three months. Brent did get a pretty bad sunburn on his legs as we were canoeing our way on the water,but recovering well. It was so good to take time on the quiet lake and seek God and be refreshed again by his presence and re-surrender our hearts again to Him and His will for our lives. Not that we have a whole lot more details than before, but a lot of Peace. Praise God!

We did return though to Little Tom Mouse and his friends in our house, climbing the walls, getting in our clothes and trying to eat our food. They're so frustrating cause they're so little and cute, but they're terrible house guests! Does anyone have any good ideas about catching mice? They're really hard to catch and I don't think they like cheese as is commonly thought. We tried it..didn't work...arrrgghh

Another thing, I was using the pit latrine (Virginia) the other day and I saw the Gecko climbing the inside wall of the door like I normally do but when I shut the door he must have been in between and got squished because he flopped to the ground unconscious. I didn't do CPR or anything, but I did feel really bad and had Brent remove his little body. That's the sad story of the week. Geckos are a funny creature. They show up when are where you don't expect them, especially the shower in the mornings!

If you ever get a chance to come to Uganda, you'll definitely find all sorts of fun assorted creatures. Big vulture birds that land on your roof and poo on you as you walk below, cockroaches that find their way into your bedroom, big ants that invade your kitchen, mosquitos and sorts of fun things.

Well, we're headed off again tomorrow to Moroto, Karamoja. It's a region in the NE part of Uganda where the people run around naked (so we hear) except for their AK47's that they use for cattle raiding and robbing. It's been a real unstable part of the country and we're believing God and His church to take some serious territory this week! So please pray as we'll be flying in tomorrow and coming back in 6 days. Thanks so much for dropping in!!!