Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby News!!!

For those of you who haven't yet heard, Brent and I are expecting a new little earwicker around Jan 4th. Please keep all three of us in your prayers!!! Yay! (Sorry, no pictures yet to show) :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Around East Africa In 10 Days

It's been quite a whirlwind these past few weeks. Last minute we were invited to go to a mountain village in Kenya to teach at a seminar and help with a crusade, so we hopped on an overnight bus from Kampala to Nairobi and then a smaller bus to Meru. All in all it was almost 24 hours in travel time on horrible, crazy, bumpy roads included with loud "bootie" music for our "sleeping pleasure"...I mean nightmare. :)

We had a wonderful time encouraging the church people and meeting fellow believers!The church building is
strategically set between two needless to say we tried sharing the Lord with quite a few drunk men. On one occasion , one of these drunk men took Brent to all the different bars to meet his friends and invite them to church. It was definitely a different ministry trip all together!!!

The host home we stayed at was beautiful and the couple that hosted us were fantastic! WE have seriously never eaten so much in our whole lives. We ended up eating 5 meals a day and should be 100 pounds heavier. If you
really love food and hospitality then Kenya is the place for you!!!

The monday we returned from Kenya we immediately packed up and headed to the airport to fly to Rwanda....but due to heavy traffic and public transportation we missed out flight. So....we went all the way back home late at night and had to wait until the next evening to catch the next plane. We did finally get on the plane the next day and made it to Rwanda. What a beautiful country it is! We were invited by a family friend to come and meet some pastors and business people who were looking for investment and ministry opportunities. We
learned a lot about the Genocide that took place in 1994, went to the memorial where thousands of bodies are buried in a mass grave and heard via video, testimonies of people that had survived the atrocities. There was even a young man with our team that had escaped with his family to America during that time and had returned to Rwanda for the 1st time. We were privileged to see first hand the restoration God is doing in that land!

We definitely hit the record for being in 3 countries within a few days time. it's time for a rest. Until the next adventure........... :)