Friday, September 14, 2007

Exploring Uganda

We had three girls from Bend, Oregon (Megan, Kristen and Whitney) come and stay with us for two and a half weeks. The above picture shows some of the wonderful things that they brought all the way from America for us (this includes pop tarts, reeces peanut butter cups, some maternity clothes and other fantastic things!)
Our first leg of the trip began on Bussi Island where we helped distribute some sweaters that were donated to the kids, put on a few days of VBS, ate lots of fish and had a wonderful few days spending time with the beautiful children at Osanidde.
Our trip to the island also included a visit to Pastor Joash's famous pineapple plantation where we shave them and eat them on the spot. We had to have the girls experience literally the best pineapples in the world! I think the expression on their faces sum it up.
And of course while Virginia and the girls were hard at work on the island, Brent was out fishing on the Lake. If you look closely the big fish actually died trying to eat a smaller fish (not small enough) and the little one is coming out of it's gills. Nice catch Brent!
Our next destination took us up North to visit Bob and Carol Higgins in Lira. After quite a few hours in the car driving on bumpy, pot holed roads we finally made it for a wonderful tour of their orphanage Otino Waa Village.Brent joined in on a game of Simon Says at an Otino Waa VBS and here he is above right before he lost for putting his hands in the air when simon didn't say!
Our next stop...Murchison Falls National Park for Safari. What a beautiful place! Here we are at the top of the falls for a quick pic!After our time at Murchison Falls we spent a few days in Gulu where we were able to minister to the kids in one of the IDP camps. We sang songs, played games, told bible stores and shared the gospel. Many received Christ as their savior.
Also while in Gulu we stayed with Pastor Espiritu who has a church in town, leads the IDP camp outreaches and also has been given radio airtime on 3 different stations to lead discussions and preach the gospel. While we were there he invited Brent to help lead a discussion about the bible on one of the live radio talk shows. The above picture shows Brent doing a great job sharing with the people the truth about the word of God.
On one of our last days back in Kampala we took the girls to Owino Market which is the largest semi outdoor market in Kampala. It happened to rain quite hard the day we went, so here we are trying to stay dry while we weave our way in and out of this crazy place! As you can see, it was quite an eventful two weeks and in the end we were all glad that we made it back home in one piece!
And finally, the latest on the it is at 5 and half months with 3 and a half more months to go!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Experience The Day With Us....

The following video of our ultrasound shows that we are indeed having a boy. The view is just of his two legs (femur bones to knees) and "in between". It's not a full shot of his body because the view is from underneath him. He was moving around a lot during the procedure, so that's why it looks like moving blobs most of the time. :) Look closely. Enjoy!

This next one shows more of his body a bit better(legs and cute little bottom anyway). He's a squirmer!

Here's one of his strong, little heartbeat.