Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Hard Days Work

This is me helping my dad do his computer work..........

It's exhausting for a little guy like me...............

I can get away with sleeping on the job because, well i'm just so dog gone cute!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He's Here!

Josiah Levi Earwicker
Born: Jan 11, 2008
7lbs and 21 inches long

I sure am cute!

My daddy thinks i'm pretty great!

I'm real long and skinny, but my mom says i'll grow big and strong.

More pictures to come............

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Update

For all of you news starved friends and family who knew our due date was January 2nd, you can rest assured that we haven't left you out of the big event. You'll find out how long Josiah is straight from the source as soon as he's breathing air and you'll see his cute little Earwicker nose just after his features have normalized and he looks especially cute. Please be patient along with us, and pray fervently that he will come in the next few minutes!


We wanted to give you the update on the imminent arrival of Josiah Levi Earwicker. Eight days beyond our due date, we met with our German midwife this afternoon and discussed induction. Given Virginia's emotional state (pretty disappointed over being so late when she expected to be so early - it feels like we've missed him for a month already - we've had some tearful days and nights), our social situation (Dad already had to fly back after two weeks of waiting, I need to go back to work on Monday, Virginia's folks are only here for another 8 days and really came to help with the baby, not the waiting), and the fact that the baby is in a funny position all of a sudden, we all agreed that inducing her ASAP is the best option.

Tomorrow morning around 7 (Thursday, 8pm PST), we'll head to the International Hospital and have Virginia put on a drip of some great concoction that causes the onset of labor. They say it should take less than 24 hours to have Josiah's little features on our digital cameras at that point.

Please be praying for a quick, safe, healthy, painless delivery tomorrow. We are expecting an easy delivery with no complications, and a happy little guy to take home soon after. We'll send photos as soon as we can get to some good internet access.

Love you all! Thanks for all your inquiries on the arrival status!