Saturday, December 22, 2007

Worship Without Borders In Uganda

Worship Without Borders (Brent's Uncle Tim and Aunt Maryl), along with Molly Nixon came to minister in Uganda for 2 weeks recently. Tim ministered to two island churches and then taught on worship in our Island Ministers School the first week. Molly and Maryl taught the Osanidde kids about hygiene, helped the nurse with some medical issues and passed out gifts for the kids, mommas and auntie's and uncles at Osanidde. The team even purchased two milk cows for the orphanage! It was a great blessing to have them here!
Tim receiving pineapples and a live chicken as a "thank you" for teaching at Pastor Kate's church on Zinga Island.

Tim ministering to the Zinga Island Church on Sunday.

Teaching on worship to the the Island Minister School students.

Couldn't miss out on the famed trip to Pastor Joash's pineapple plantation for a tasty treat!

And this is what we have started on Josiah's little baby corner in our room. We're working on getting a crib this week, but in the meantime he has a little moses basket that Tim and Maryl bought for us. So far we're going with the colorful African animal theme complete with a little Rhino/Elephant mobile. Keep praying for us as he could come any day now!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year!!