Thursday, November 30, 2006

Living in Kampala

Well, we're back to our homestead from our trip to Kapchorwa. It was very successful and we will soon have some video of it on our website. Brent just posted a video on our website today of our travel here and tour of our house. Check it out!
We're discovering that our new life here feels alot like camping. We sleep under a bug net, our sink is outside so we do dishes and laundry outside,we cook with a propane cooker,use the pit to go to the bathroom and kill alot of bugs that like to share the space. It's definitely a great place, but I can't help but wake up in the morning and say...Brent, doesn't it feel like we're camping? He agrees.
We tried to do our laundry today. One bucket for washing, and one bucket for rinsing which turns out to be alot of work and then hang the clothes out to dry. One likes to rain here unexpectedly. So as we sit here in the internet cafe, our clothes are hopefully drying inside our house(you know, hanging them where you can.)
This is our new missionary life....It's great!
We will be leaving this sunday to preach at a church about an hour away. Please pray as we prepare to speak this weekend. Also, we are meeting with Drake today to finalize our travel plans for the next 3 months and it sounds like we may get to be apart of a crusade in the Congo in February as well as be at Osannide Village (the orphange on Bussi Island we visted this summer) for christmas. It will be the first christmas these kids have had since coming to the orphanage. We'll definitely need to get pictures of that!
This is our update for now. We'll check in soon. So good to get your comments and hear from you. It's such an encouragement to know you are praying for us. We love you all!!

-Brent and Virginia

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Big Move

Last week, while saying goodbye to everyone we know and love in the US, we felt extremely loved. Thanks to everyone who blessed us during this transition. You've made it a great one (and quite a bit sad - we miss you already!)

We spent our first two days in Africa shopping for household necessities (bed, carpets, bug nets, refrigerator, etc). Coupled with the 10 hour jet lag, this effectively wore us out. Our house is bigger than we originally thought, with two large bedrooms and a good sized kitchen, dining, and living room. No sinks or toilets in the house, but we do have running (dripping) water for the shower. Praise the Lord for cold water in a hot climate. We're happy to have our own place, and we'll even have internet installed on our phone line in the next few days.

Right now, we're in SE Uganda in a small village called Kapchorwa assisting with an evangelistic crusade. Brent is teaching in the mornings at the seminars, and our landlord (Drake Kanaabo) is preaching in the evenings.

We're running low on internet cafe time, so we'll post more later (with pictures). Please keep praying for souls here in Kapchorwa, and that the local churches here would have grace to bring them to full maturity in Christ.

Over and out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, the countdown has begun! We're busily making last minute preparations, saying our final goodbyes and getting ready to launch into this new adventure. Actually taking steps to go to the mission field is so much different that we thought, the preparation part of it reminds me of getting ready to be married. You work and work, and then there's that moment that you're driving off from the church we can relax and enjoy the purpose of what all this preparation was for. we come!!!

Thank you to all who have encouraged,blessed us and believed in the call of God for our lives. It makes all the difference in the world to have that kind of support. Thank you!

Lots of Love and gratitude,

-Brent and Virginia